Sexual Harassment

The Law Office of Jorge Luis Rivas, Jr. represents employees who have become victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Relationships formed in the workplace should always be professional and appropriate. It is against the law to harass an applicant or employee because of that person's gender. The harasser may be the victim's boss, a supervisor, or a co-worker. If you believe you were sexually harassed in the workplace, please give us a call.

Examples of Harassment that can Take Place in a Workplace:

• Unwelcome sexual advances- Unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances can consist of inappropriate sexual comments, sexual gestures, or pressure to engage in a romantic relationship.

• Requests for sexual favors (quid pro quo)- If your boss or supervisor is requesting sexual favors in exchange for a raise, promotion, or even the risk of losing your job, that is sexual harrassment and should not be tolerated. Give us a call

• Hostile work environment- Hostile work environment includes actions that reasonably offend, humiliate, or distress the employee. Examples of a hostile work environment may include insulting comments or jokes about looks, body parts, or clothing of an individual; Asking inappropriate sexual questions or making intrusive sexual comments such as inappropriate sexual jokes, inappropriate emails, images, or other sexually explicit content may also be unlawful.

• Verbal sexual harassment- Verbal sexual harassment is repeated and continuous behavior of a sexual nature. Examples may include a supervisor or another co-worker making unwelcomed sexual advances or gestures.

• Physical, sexual harassment- Physical, sexual harassment includes unwelcome touching or grabbing of any kind. Everyone should respect personal space in the workplace, and no one should touch or grab you without your consent.

• Forced to leave a job due to sexual harassment- If you were in an intolerable situation (hostile work environment) at work due to sexual harassment and were forced to quit your job, hiring a lawyer may help you.

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