Age Discrimination

If you feel you have been discriminated against by your employer because of your age, The Law Office of Jorge Luis Rivas, Jr. can help you. Age discrimination can occur in many forms. For example, you may have been denied a promotion or raise; Or you may have applied for a job, and an employer may not have hired you based on your age and not because of your skills and experience. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and the Texas Labor Code protect employees over the age of 40 from being discriminated against or retaliated against because of their age.

Types of Age Discrimination in the Workplace:

• Hiring- An employer wants to hire someone younger because compensation will be less.

• Technology- An employer assumes an older person is less familiar with the technology.

• Meeting physical requirements- An employer will not hire someone older because they assume they cannot physically perform the job according to the job description.

• Promotion- An employer refuses to promote someone because of their age, and not because on their work performance.

• Raise- An employer refuses to give an employee a raise because of their age, and not because on their work performance.

• Training- An employer refuses to provide adequate training or supervision because of an employee's age.

What Should I do if I feel I am being discriminated in the workplace because of my age?

• Contact a lawyer first and discuss your situation to see if they can take your case.

• Begin documenting events or actions that demonstrate evidence of age discrimination.

•File a complaint with your human resources department.

• File a complaint with the EEOC.

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