Motorcycle Accidents

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents occur due to:

  • • Distracted drivers- Distracted drivers are out on the roads. They could become distracted by an electronic device, a pedestrian, or something else in the vehicle, and not focused on the road.

  • • Speeding- A driver can go over the speed limit if not paying attention or distracted.

  • • Drunk driving- If a driver didn't plan before they went out drinking and decided to drink and drive, the chances of having an accident are too high.

  • • Violations of traffic laws- Drivers violate traffic laws for many reasons. If someone violates traffic laws, accidents are likely to happen.

  • • Following too closely (tailgating)- Tailgaters are usually irate, in a hurry and not paying attention to the speed limit. These drivers make their problems, everyone else's as well. They are accidents waiting to happen.

    • Riding the open roads on a motorcycle is awesome. Unfortunately, many drivers simply don't do a good enough job of looking out for motorcycles. You deserve to come back home to your family safely. The Law Office of Jorge Luis Rivas,Jr is there to defend you and your family when things go wrong. We will fight for you and your family.