Personal Injury Law

A personal injury attorney handles serious accidents, workplace injuries, premises liability, and other personal injury cases. If you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury from a car accident, an 18-wheeler truck accident, motorcycle collision, work injuries, premises liability (slip and fall), or any personal injury not caused by you, hiring a lawyer may be essential.

The process begins with filing a claim with the responsible party's insurance company. Claims adjusters can be difficult since their goal is to protect the company's interests and pay you less money. They are not concerned with helping you get back on your feet after an injury-causing accident.

It is paramount to hire the right legal team to gather evidence and establish a firm and successful case strategy. We work routinely with multiple medical experts, collision experts, economists and insurance specialists to maximize your case. You need a strong and experienced attorney to help you navigate thorough all the obstacles and excuses that will be thrown your way.

Car Accidents

18-Wheeler Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Work Injuries

Slip and Falls

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